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Westconcept|Hotel&SPA, the solution for hospitality industry, is developed by "West Concept" company on the basis of Miсrosoft Dynamics NAV. It is officially registered by Microsoft Corporation.
The functionality of branch solution Westconcept|Hotel&SPA lets control all spheres of hotel business, from receptionist activities till financial management. It also allows to manage POS-terminals, warehouse, collaboration with suppliers, hotel production activities, shopping centre, loyalty of visitors, quality of service etc. The integration with peripheral systems is realized in this solution: for example, with system of a paid television (TV-Pay), service units, service of access control, security systems etc.

The solution Westconcept|Hotel&SPA has modular structure; the implementation of system can be carried out stage by stage and in that set which is necessary for this or that hotel.

The implementation of Westconcept|Hotel&SPA solution gives hotels the following benefits:

  • To raise investment prospects of business;
  • To keep accounting records (bookkeeping), management accounting and tax accounting simultaneously;
  • To keep accounts according to various international standards (USALI, GAAP, IFRS);
  • To control and coordinate budget payments;
  • To form reports promptly;
  • To optimize the mechanism of fixed assets accounting;
  • To optimize the mechanism of supply planning;
  • To make accounting of cost price of made dishes;
  • To simplify the process of posting and inventory of material assets by means of using bar-code technology;
  • To minimize labor-costs and to raise personnel overall performance.

The components of WestConcept|Hotel&SPA solution

Fiscal Accounting

Russian  accounting principles (bookkeeping)

The module "Russian accounting principles" (bookkeeping) is the base area of the application, that unites all financial accounts of the company.  It provides double entry system according to the common requirements on bookkeeping in Russian Federation. The module gives overall information about financial situation in a company.

Finance management (cash management)

The module "Finance management" allows to keep financial account, to plan and analyze cash flow, and also to control the execution of planned targets.

Sales and clients

The module "Sales and Clients" includes flexible functionality for managing sales, it allows to make clients classification, accounts analyzing, putting on advance payment, individual discounts, and also detailed reporting and statistics on sales.

Purchases and suppliers

The module "Purchases and Suppliers" contains exhaustive functionality for managing accounts payable by means of suppliers’ classification. It is possible to offer type of payment automatically, to create orders of purchase and extra-purchase of goods, to manage unexecuted orders etc.

Tax accounting

The module "Tax accounting" is organized on a basis of "System of tax accounting", recommended by the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of Russian Federation for profit calculation according to 25 article of Tax Code of Russian Federation. The functionality of this module ensures adjustment and formation of tax registers.

Fixed assets accounting (permanent assets)

The module "Fixed assets accounting" is designed for registration and management of company’s fixed assets, and also for calculating  depreciation expenses.

Salary and personnel

The module "Salary and personnel" allows to keep the personified account according to Russian Federation laws.

Management accounting

Accounting according to  international financial reporting standards (IFRS), GAAP

One of the major factors for raising investment prospects of a company is the possibility of granting to investors consolidated reports according to international standards of financial reporting (IFRS), GAAP. All functionality, necessary for making such reports, is realized in solution Westconcept|Hotel&SPA.


The solution WestConcept|Hotel&SPA allows to create any quantity of budgets. While you input data in budget some analytical measurements can be used, which allow to form many-sided and detailed budget. The matrix form of budgets, which can be easily modified by user, guarantees perfect presentation of information.

Indebtedness management

The solution WestConcept|Hotel&SPA has complete functionality for making liquidity analysis, payments control and cash flow forecast. The system allows to control account receivable and account payable in real-time and to make analyses of back payments.

Administrating Accounting

Warehouse management

The module "Warehouse management" gives company necessary functionality for organizing the processes of goods receipt and shipment, entering goods to warehouse, selection of goods for shipment or transfer goods for production.

This module allows to control movement and location of fixed assets, goods, materials, products and drinks in a hotel.


The module "Production/catering" is intended for calculation and writing off the cost price of dishes on the basis of their recipes. This simple and convenient means allows to save time and working hours, and also excludes the possibility of re-sorting, as the module contains the recipes of dishes, which components can be replaceable.

Purchase planning (Inventory management)

The functionality of this module allows to plan restaurants requirements for products, to calculate the preliminary cost price of banquets in advance, and also to form warehouse requests and demands for a purchasing department.

Functional modules for hotel services

Automation of reception

The functionality of this module allows to control all operations for clients accommodation in hotel. The system allows to accommodate and sign out clients in a few minutes, to choose a room according to customer’s requirements.

Maintenance service

By means of this module it is possible to manage maintenance service in a hotel, to trace incidents and to control problem solving in hotel rooms.

Room service

The solution WestConcept|Hotel&SPA has extra possibilities for managing hotel room service. It is possible not only to execute all operations connected with cleaning and the status of rooms, but also to write down and store the information on all activities made with every room.

Point Of Sales management

The application Point of sales management (POS-terminals) lets control sales which are made in various hotel departments.

SPA-complex management

SPA-complex management is the functional solution, that allows to optimize daily procedures planning in SPA-centre, to control programs and courses of treatment, to trace medical recommendations and contra-indications, to manage procedural rooms and equipment.


Hotels, using the solution WestConcept|Hotel&SPA:

  • "Grand Hotel Europe" – Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Hotel "Astoria" – Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Business hotel "Angleterre" – Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Hotel "Milan" - Moscow, Russia
  • Park-hotel "Potemkin" - Pushkin, Russia
  • Business hotel "Aerostar"– Moscow, Russia
  • The international business centre "Neptune" – Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Hotel "Baltic Star"  – Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Hotel "Mirage" - Kazan, Russia


For further information, please, contact Larisa Katkova:

  • phone: +7 (812) 747-3191 (Saint-Petersburg) or +7 (495) 410-2951 (Moscow)
  • mobile phone: +7 921 983 9062
  • E-mail: LKatkova@westconcept.ru

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